Clean and green

The Products.

Developed over a period of more than two years with one of the world’s leading chemists.

As a vertically integrated company, Eco Green Auto Clean, Inc. manufacturers its own “100% plant-derived premium eco car care products” in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They are then distributed via our warehouses in South San Francisco or Amsterdam to over 50 countries globally. Throughout the development process we ensure coherence with our core value of protecting the environment. Therefore all of our products are made with plant-derived ingredients, meaning they are bio-degradable. This ensures there is no more toxic waste going into drains, rivers and oceans. The use of our products also saves between 50 and 70 gallons of water per wash when compared to conventional car washing methods. All this while still leaving your car with that showroom shine.


Come and visit

San Francisco

Visit the showroom

Just south of San Francisco, in Redwood city, visit our partner’s car wash which serves as a store and showroom. A healthy stock of our product is kept at the showroom for purchase. There are also extensive detailing services.

Past and present

The History

The $15 bottle that is going to change the $24 billion carwash industry

In 2012, Eco Green Auto Clean, Inc. set about to pioneer change in the car cleaning industry with a set of innovative and eco-friendly cleaning products. A physical location was setup just south of San Francisco in Redwood City, California to serve as a showroom for the product and its potential where cars are hand washed with just one cup of water. Word quickly spread throughout the community due to the strong environmental benefits, water saving and end result.


Eco Green Auto Clean is a Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California company which designs, formulates, manufactures, markets and is selling, innovative bio-degradable waterless car wash products. With these green products you can clean your car with just a cup of water. Eco Green Auto Clean is distributing these products to Fortune 500 companies in USA and in 50+ countries around the globe. Eco Green Auto Clean has a service division “to show people that you really can clean your car with one cup of water”, which consists of an eco-friendly car wash location “the Eco Green Auto Clean showroom” in Redwood City, California (hand car wash and automotive detailing) with a mobile concept attached, providing services to offices. Manufacturing of the waterless car wash products is done in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with warehouses in South San Francisco for the Americas and in Amsterdam for the rest of the world.

The founder

Anton van Happen, CEO

Our global minded visionary. Anton’s entrepreneurial spirit has always been fierce. He is the strategic force behind the company ensuring constant growth. A passion for automobiles and a need for a positive footprint helped him to devise our next generation cleaning products. Under his leadership, Eco Green Auto Clean now counts Silicon Valley’s moguls as corporate partners. Born in Hong Kong, raised in Europe and educated in California, Anton has seen the “best of both” worlds. This reflects in his diplomatic and respectful but strong business style. This global mindedness has also helped Eco Green Auto Clean to do business with over 50 countries world wide and counting.

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