Critical Water Facts

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  • May 4, 2013

More than 800 millions of gallons of water are wasted every day to wash cars in the US (100 million of GA in CA). It represents the equivalent of 10 billion glasses of fresh water wasted every day!


97% of the earth’s water is saltwater

2% is frozen water trapped at the North and South poles

1% is freshwater safe for drinking

This small portion of freshwater is not equally distributed throughout the earth’s continents:

1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water: 1 out of 6 people

2.5 billion people in the world do not have access to adequate sanitation

1.4 million children die every year as a result of diseases caused by unclean water and poor sanitation. This amounts to around 4,000 deaths a day or one every 20 seconds

>> Growing population, expanding urbanization, global warming, extended droughts: our planet is getting thirstier.

>> On current trends over the next 20 years, humans will use 40% more water than they do now.

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