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Written by Salary Writes
Go Green by Keeping Your Car Clean
Your car goes just as many places as you do and is exposed to the elements that your roof, windows and doors protect you and your fellow passengers from.  That is why it’s so vital to keep a clean interior and exterior.  Salt and brine, pollen, dirt and dust, smog, and various other harmful elements accumulate on your vehicle every day, even if you are lucky enough to have a garage or indoor parking spot. While it may seem that the main motivation for keeping a clean car is for aesthetic reasons, there are even more compelling reasons that will benefit your personal health as well as the environment.  Read on for more information about the environmental benefits of maintaining a cleanly vehicle.
Repairs and Maintenance
The use of salt and brine solutions coating roads and highways ahead of winter storms is becoming increasingly popular, which is bad news for our cars.  Not only can these chemical-containing solutions damage the paint of cars, but they can also erode exhaust systems, mufflers, coil frames, and various other expensive automotive parts. If you have to replace your deteriorated exhaust system, then it will be discarded to a junkyard or landfill which does no good for anyone: you have to pay to have it replaced while simultaneously polluting the environment. The easiest way to avoid these costly repairs is to make sure to wash your vehicle regularly, including an underspray.  If you already see erosion, then it is probably too late.
Fuel Efficiency
If you are someone whose car interior looks like a messy college dorm room, and the exterior doesn’t look much better, then you could do well by cleaning out your trash and recycling the soda cans in your back seat.  If your car is carrying less weight, then you will undoubtedly get better miles per gallon.  Additionally, the TV show Myth Busters found it plausible that a cleaner car exterior will get better gas mileage due to being more aerodynamic.  Even if the results are minor, you will still save some money, contribute less exhaust into the ozone, and have a spiffy looking car to top it all off.
Your windshield, windshield wipers, side mirrors, and the interior and exterior of all of your windows are all vital aspects of your vehicle.  If you cannot see or your visibility is limited, you are putting yourself, your passengers, and other drivers at risk of an accident.  Similarly, if your tires are caked up with mud and debris, you will not be able to recognize that a nail or other object is lodged in your treads until it is too late.  If you have a dark colored car that is covered in grime, you are greatly reducing your visibility to other drivers.  The number one thing to avoid as a driver is a collision, which can greatly impact you or other people’s lives, as well as contributing a great deal of damage to the environment by spilling gas or oil, polluting damaged car parts, or causing a long line of traffic which will greatly increase the amount of exhaust put into the air by passers-by.    
The benefits of having a clean car are plentiful, and can be preventative of accidents, damage, and detrimental environmental impact. Companies in the car washing business understand that consumers want a greener solution, and are developing methods to clean cars with as little as a single cup of water.  You don’t have to have a hybrid vehicle to do your part in polluting less during your daily commute – it’s as simple as getting your car clean to go green!
Authored by Salary Writes

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