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cup of water to clean a car
cars cleaned by hand
gallons of water saved and counting..

clean car 5 times

high-pile quality

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Best of both worlds.

The Formula.

saving 50 gallons of water per wash.
still leaving your car spotless.

We develop and distribute our innovative bio-degradable and waterless car washing products in-house. Helping to fight the ever pressing environmental problems and water shortages, all without compromising the end result.


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Seeing is believing.

The Lifestyle.

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We want to do our bit to help build a greener community.  Take the opportunity to come and socialise with a drink in your hand whilst your car is being hand-washed at our on-site facility, or order some of our product and test it for yourself.

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"We use their products at the Porsche dealership, I use it at home in my garage on my black car for an incredible shine and works well after boating too!"

− Brian Haske

"Awesome I had my car washed last night and alot better than a car wash which always has water spots after. Highly recomend!"

− Henry Chu

"Great products. Used the Two Wax on my new black accord for two years and never had a spider Web in the finish. Looked like a mirror the day I sold it. Using the new freedom wash now on my white Honda Pilot. I'm sure I'll see the same results."

− TJ Scott