How to detail a car – Interior Detailing

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  • May 4, 2013

Part 2: Interior Detailing

Begin cleaning the interior by removing any trash or debris, shaking out floor mats. Next, thoroughly vacuum the vehicle’s interior.

1. Multi-Purpose Wipe Down

Using Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Multi-Purpose clean, remove grime from the dashboard, consoles, car interior doors, trim, vinyl, and most hard surfaces. The Multi-Purpose cleaner removes stubborn stains, grease and oil with ease.

a. Shake bottle well.

b. Spray directly onto the surface.

c. Wipe with a dry microfiber towel.

2. Clean Carpets and Upholstery

Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Carpet Clean is perfect for spot cleaning seats or other upholstered areas on the inside of your vehicle. Using a standard upholstery cleaning spray containing nonylphenol ethoxylates will fill your car’s interior with toxic fumes that you will end up breathing in while driving. Safe for you and your family, Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Carpet Clean can tackle tough stains, even greases and oils without the use of rubber gloves.

a. Shake bottle well.

b. Spray directly onto stain until completely covered.

c. Let set for 1-2 minutes to allow product to penetrate.

d. Blot with a clean microfiber towel.

3. Safely Clean and Condition Leather

For leather interiors, use Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Leather Massage (not for suede) to safely wipe away dirt and grime while replacing lost oils and leaving leather soft and supple.

a. Shake bottle well.

b. Spray Leather Massage onto a soft towel (cotton or terry).

c. Gently rub towel in a circular motion to clean and condition.

d. Buff immediately with a second cloth.

 4. Condition Dashboard and Vinyl Trim

The dashboard and vinyl trim can be thoroughly cleaned using the Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Multi-Purpose, while you are conditioning them to restore their original luster.

a. Shake bottle well.

b. Spray onto a clean microfiber towel and apply to dashboard and vinyl.

c. Buff with a dry microfiber towel.

5. Clean Interior Windows and Mirror

Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Window Clean will allow you to wipe away fingerprints, dirt and debris from interior glass, just as you did to clean the exterior. Manufactured without ammonia or alcohol, it is safe for use on tinted windows, glass, and mirrors, with no streaking. Eco Green Auto Clean Glass Cleaning Towels are a great microfiber towel for use on glass and mirrors because they have been woven specifically for this purpose, and will not leave lint behind.

a. Spray Window Clean directly onto surface.

b.. Quickly buff off the formula with a Glass Cleaning Towel to reveal an amazing shine.

c. Repeat until your interior glass is clean.

Please be sure to read about the exterior detailing steps.

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