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  • March 31, 2015

Eco Green Auto Clean

Eco Green Auto Clean is a car wash that has taken an environmentally friendly view on washing cars.Founder Anton Van Happen has found a way to clean cars and reduce water usage at his car wash.There are nine formulas used to clean the cars. It’s an innovative approach to getting a car clean.
The process is very simple. There are nine different formulas to choose from when getting a car wash.Once the car is covered with one of the formulas, it is wiped away with a towel by hand rather thanrinsed off with water. To get that newly waxed look, the employees wipe a protective silicone onto the car.

Why is this important

There are many people that don’t think about cleaning their car or the effects that it has on theenvironment. These things have a direct impact. In places that water is being conserved andexperiencing droughts, wasting almost 50 gallons of water on washing a car is senseless. That dirtywater and chemicals go down a drain and is dumped into sewers and goes directly into the watersupply. This is something that doesn’t have to happen as often as it does
It’s not the only way that people can stop their negative effect on the environment but it’s one way.By using green car cleaning supplies, there are fewer harsh chemicals put into the sewer. By using acarwash like Eco Green Auto Clean, each person conserves almost 50 gallons of water. When it comesto making a statement, that one is pretty bold. People that do this have clean cars and a clean consciousabout their impact on the environment.

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