SF Chronicle – Drought-busting car wash cleans with less than 1 cup of water

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  • May 13, 2015

Even during a severe drought, Don Nathe keeps his Tesla sparkling clean by washing it every other week.

But Nathe is no water waster — he goes to Eco Green Auto Clean, a Redwood City car wash that uses less than a cup of water per car.

“And every time I leave here, my car looks like I just drove it off the showroom,” Nathe said as attendants finished buffing his car with microfiber towels. “I just came off a trip to Mount Shasta and it was full of bugs. They just wiped right off.”

The Eco Green Auto Clean lot on El Camino Real doesn’t have the water hoses or noisy tunnels found at ordinary car washes.

Instead of rinsing a car with water, soaping the surface and then rinsing with water again, a team of Eco Green workers sprays each car by hand using bottles of a biodegradable chemicals. They work on small sections of the car at a time, wiping off the spray with soft microfiber cloths before moving to another area.

Company founder Anton Van Happen said the spray is designed to break up dirt particles and separate them from a car’s surface. He said the top-secret formula was developed for Eco Green by a chemist with ingredients derived from plants…

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